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This equipment is specially designed for handling high volume of air laden with fiber and dust returning along with the air from the department/ waste recovery equipments. The fluff, fibre and dust arrested on the filtering media is sucked out by traveling suction nozzles, moving along the outer surface of the drum and are deposited in collection bags for easy disposal. The clean air is then either re-circulated or exhausted in to the atmosphere.

Continuous filtering and cleaning enable an uniform flow of return air at constant pressure.

A variety of filter media like Polyurethane foam and non woven material are available for varied application.


M/s. Keystone Air Systems is a company managed by technocrat in the field of HVAC Application and are enjoying better reputation for developing Hi-Tech Equipments for Textile Air Conditioning, Humidification & Ventilation Plant/Systems. Our manufacturing unit is equipped for manufacturing large capacity equipments & all our equipments are manufactured under one roof with high degree of design quality and performance with all inspection facilities.









Trunkey Projects under taken for Textile Air Conditioning Humidification, Air Cooling and Ventilation Plant / Systems



   Textile Air Conditioning Systems.
   Central Air Washer / Humidification Systems.
   Automatic Control Systems.
   Chilled Water Air Conditioning Plants.

Air Cooling Systems.
   Ventilation & Air Pressurization Systems.

Keystone Air Systems  is a leading  Indian  Manufacturer and Exporter of  Axial Flow Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Humidification Air Washer Plants, Centrifugal Spot Humidifier Units, Air Volume Dampers, Semi-Central Units (Clima-Duct Units), Rotary Air Filters, Clamp - on Type Spray Nozzles, Rotary Screen Filters, Multistage Centrifugal Air Blowers, Rotary Water Filter, Variable Inlet Vane Dampers, Water Filter, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump/Compressors, Centrifugal Air Blowers, Package Type Air Washer, High Pressure Blowers, Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans, Semi Centrifugal Humidifier Units, Air Washer Internals with all its Equipments and Accessories, Volume Control Air Dampers, Eliminators (Aluminium / G.I. & PVC), Air Distribution Louvers / baffles, Spray Nozzles ("B" Type & Clamp-on Type), Rotary Air Filters (Drum Type) / Rotary Air Filters (Screen Type), All Type Of Industrial Air Filters (Automatic Viscour Filters, Metallic and Micro V-Filters), Package Type Air Conditioning Units, Condensers / Chillers / Heat Exchangers, Cooling Coils / Steam Heaters, Air Handling Units (AHU), Supply Air Diffusers & Grills.

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